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Hooking Up In College. J'Hue Film Productions, LLC. Denice Ann Evans. Post-Production. Documentary. Feature (>60 min). DV. Location: Athens and Atlanta Georgia. Cast: College students. Synopsis: This provocative, revealing, and ultimately scandulous expose on college hook ups is told through candid and hidden identity interviews with students and experts. You'll never look at college life the same again! (Submitted: 08/08/2007)

Living is Winning. Plexus Pictures and Doghouse Pictures. Living is Winning, LLC,, Producer Linda Burns, Executive Producer Jeff Keating. In Production. Documentary. Feature (>60 min). Mini DV. Start Date: Sept 2006 - Sept 2007. Location: Georgia, Texas, Florida, New York, Hawaii. Cast: Andrew "Drew" Johnston, Leukemia specialists, family and friends, triathletes, nutritianists, doctors, etc. Synopsis: This feature documentary captures elite athlete Andrew "Drew" Johnston, living with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, as he endures the rigors of training and competing as an Ironman triathlete. (Submitted: 08/06/2007)

Partly Cloudy. The Peoples Film Company. Pre-Production. Drama. Feature (>60 min). DV. Start Date: September 29, 2007. Location: Atlanta. Cast: Renee S. Warren. Synopsis: A family once thought to be adorable, grows apart, after the wife finds out that her husband is leaving her for another man. (Submitted: 07/29/2007)

Slums 13. Shadow Motion Pictures- Miramax Films. or Pre-Production. Drama. Feature (>60 min). 35mm Film. Start Date: November 2007. Location: Atlanta, GA. Cast: Monyque Thompson, Taimak, Ernie Reyes Jr., Lateef Crowder, Elizabeth Tavares, Greg Forman. Synopsis: An ultra-violent action crime drama, set in a corrupt city divided by race and ruled by four crime syndicates, Slums 13 will be filled with Hong Kong style action, compelling drama, and an all-star cast. (Submitted: 07/26/2007)

Night Reign. Earluminator, LLC. James Smith, 404-314-1037, Leslie Kelso, 678-431-6106. In Production. Drama. Feature (>60 min). Format: DV. Start Date: June 8, 2007. Location: Metro Atlanta. Cast: Kanya Maree, Ashlee Heath, Alan Thieman, Amir Ali, Annette Freeman, Ashley Jones, Carlos Quionnes, Franco Palazzolo , Haji Abdullah, Homer Duke, Ivan Shammus, James Huneycutt, Jason Von Stein, John Stikes, Keith Seymour, Keilith El Ka'ba, Kelvin Harris, Ken Zirkman, Kyle Gross, Laura Weiss, Mark Feldman, Michael Morgan, Nathan Standridge, Trish Taylor, Valentine U Ndubish, Wayne Foster. Synopsis: Action/Drama Film: A woman becomes a vigilante after witnessing the brutal murder of her younger sister, leading her to a path of destruction she never imagined possible. (Submitted: 07/12/2007)

Down A Dark Road. Runaway Pictures, LLC. Greg Thompson, 404.822.8631, 2570 Habersham Road, NW - Atlanta, GA 30305. Pre-Production. Drama. Short (<30 min). HD. Start Date: June 23, 2007. Location: Ocala, FL. Cast: Eric McGraw, West Cummings, Heather Gifford, Ellen Tomaszefsky. Synopsis: Two men head down a dark road to revenge as they struggle to settle the score between them. One will die. One will learn the cost of vengeance. How far would you go? (Submitted: 06/16/2007)

PAWS Atlanta. Karmalized Pictures. Amy Jackson & Mark Burch, 404.667.0139, 354 Arizona Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307. Post-Production. PSA. Commercial/PSA. Mini DV. Start Date: May 2007. Location: PAWS Atlanta. Cast: Dogs and Cats at PAWS and Trey Burley. Synopsis: PAWS Atlanta is a NO KILL animals shelter that is home to hundreds of awesome dogs and cats waiting for their forever home. If you can't adopt a dog or cat you can become a sponsor or a foster parent. More shelters need to be no kill, especially in Georgia. PAWS Atlanta Because Pets Are Worth Saving. (Submitted: 06/11/2007)

THE KISSING CASE OF 1958. DMD ENTERTAINMENT. Dee Thompson, P. O. Box 4241, Burbank, CA 91503-4241. DNTHOMPS@HOTMAIL.COM. Pre-Production. Documentary. Feature (>60 min). Format: HD. Start Date: July 2007. Location: North and South Carolina. Cast: Dee Thompson, James "Hanover" Thompson, David "Fuzzy" Simpson, Deshawn Thompson. Synopsis: Two negro boys age 7 and 9 are jailed for over 9 months and beaten mercilessly by authorities for being given an innocent kiss on the cheek by a little white girl. This true story incited a riot and uproar in the small town of Monroe, NC dividing the community up between black and white. Famous attorney Robert F. Williams defended the two boys as the NC State Attorney prosecuted them. Hear the compelling testimonies of how the two boys lives where forever changed. Includes footage from the Oprah Winfrey Show. (Submitted: 05/30/2007)

Untouched. First City Films. Mindy Rose, Producer, 912-220-9015. Pre-Production. Drama. Feature (>60 min). Format: 35mm Film. Start Date: January 2008. Location: Savannah, GA. Synopsis: A powerful young attorney has nightmares about his past. While working on a case he is lead back to his lost love and a decision that has haunted him. (Submitted: 05/29/2007)

A Lesson By Chance. Swingtime Films. James Hedrick, (706) 254-2372. Pre-Production. Drama. Feature (>60 min). Format: HD. Start Date: August 2007. Location: Athens, Georgia. Casting ongoing. Synopsis: A young golfer goes to college with the highest expectations, but instead gets lured into the world of sports betting, the result of which changes his family's life forever. (Submitted: 05/24/2007)


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