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Equal Rights. Icestorm Cinema. B.J. Winfrey, Pre-Production. Comedy. Short (<30 min). 16mm Film. January 2009. Location: Atlanta. Synopsis: Attention Men! The women have officially won the war, and they are taking over! Prepare for a lifetime of chick flicks, holding purses and always asking for directions. OUR LAST SAFE HAVEN HAS BEEN INVADED!! (11/16/2008)

Southern Jewish Princess. Southern Jewish Princess Media. Jacki Schklar, "How to Live and Eat like a Southern Jewish Princess," In Production. Drama/Comedy. Short (<30 min). DV. Voice is recorded. Atlanta. Jacki Schklar, Jeff Hamm, Lakia Ross. Pilot episode for comedy animation short series needs an animator. We have script, voice recorded, original music composition, title design and character design. (02/23/2008)

Atlanta Homicide. StarMaxx Media. Carl Millender, 818-237-3031, 1245 Fowler Street, Atlanta, GA. 30318. In Production. Drama. Mid (30-60 min). HD. Start Date: April 2007. Location: Georgia. Cast: Kal Cauthen, Angelina Cortez, Chimere Love, Allen Earls. Synopsis: An episodic drame series about the homicide department of Atlanta. Similar to CSI or the Wire. Now on Episode #13. (02/11/2008)

The City in Mind: ATLANTA. Phases of the Moon Motion Pictures. Landon Brown- Writer/Director, Polly Sattler- Executive Producer. Pre-Production. Documentary. Feature (>60 min). HD. Start Date: 11-11-07. Location: Atlanta. Interviews. Synopsis: Documentary about quality of life and civic identity in The City of Atlanta. (11/23/2007)

Motion Music. The Curators. Tye Hopkins, 404.246.4023, In Production. Drama. Feature (>60 min). HD. Start Date: 5/2007. Location: Atlanta. Cast: Children Stars: In'Jhari Jackson, Destiny Davis, Keionne Minnifeild, Adult Stars: Preskia Outland, Rico Ball, Daana Kenyatta, Donnell Thomasson. Synopsis: Three rappers are about to make the most important decision of the lives. Living in a time full of home invasions ,car jackings, child abductions and identity thefts. The only thing that can save the world is Motion Music. Any genre of music is Motion Music as long as the lyrics are inspiring, uplifting and thought provoking. "We just can't sit a round and do nothing." (11/06/2007)

Back To Life. The Trust Factor. Orphan's Nest and GATeWAY Entertainment. Deardria Nesbitt, 770-498-5470, 767 Stonebridge Park Circle, Lithonia, GA 30058. In Production. Experimental. Short (<30 min). DV. Start Date: Oct 20, 2007. Location: Atlanta. Synopsis: Back To Life is the second episode of the ongoing girl on girl drama, Intimate Details of Girls Around the way. Stories that take you on a journey of two African American girls who grow up to be top executives in the music industry. It follows them through their loves, their losses, and even their lust for each other. (10/31/2007)

My Southern Sweet Sixteen. Swingtime Films. Swingtime Films, (706) 254-2372 m, Pre-Production. Comedy. Short (<30 min). HD. Start Date: November 11, 2007. Location: Watkinsville, GA (Athens). Cast: Clay Chappell - Father, Amanda part TBD, Mitch part TBD. Synopsis: Parody of Sweet Sixteen. A southern girls' 16th birthday party wildest dreams just cannot be met by her father's means. (10/11/2007)

Someone Else's Life. Stimulus, Inc. P.O. Box 562, Grayson, GA 30017. Pre-Production. Documentary. Feature (>60 min). HD. Start Date: December 2007. Location: Metro- Atlanta, Flordia, Los Angeles. Cast: Host - Jeff Foxworthy. Synopsis: Awareness film about pediatric congenital heart disease. (10/09/2007)

Grilling Bobby Hicks. Stimulus, Inc. P.O. Box 562, Grayson, GA 30017. Post-Production. Drama/Comedy. Feature (>60 min). HD. Start Date: October 1, 2006. Location: Habersham and Gwinnett County. Cast: Tim Ware, Courtney Cole, Bill Oberst, Justin Geer, West Cummings, Angela Mitchell, Melanie Frady, Two Foot Fred. Synopsis: A small town bully is killed, which leads to changes among those who knew him best. (10/09/2007)

You're Rejected. Vennila Films. Post-Production. Documentary. Feature (>60 min). HD. Start Date: May 2006. Location: GA. Cast: George Lee Clark, Aviva. Synopsis: George, a self-appointed "Soldier of Christ," has embarked on a tortured personal quest to investigate lifestyles that disgust him regards as rejected by God. His interactions with a wide range of people reveal struggles toward self-acceptance and at the same time erode George's defenses against his own demons. (Submitted: 09/05/2007)